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Hartford native, T'challa Williams is no stranger to theater. She has performed on stages since attending Mark Twain Elementary School. In her youth she worked with Looking In Teen Theatre and attended The Greater Hartford Academy of Performing Arts. As a theater major at Eastern Connecticut State University, she has performed in musicals as well as Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, Ossie Davis' Purlie Victorious, and Notake Shange's For Colored Girls with Hole in the Wall theater of New Britain, CT. While living in Atlanta she was a part of, Winners Have Yet to be Announced: A song for Donnie Hathaway, produced by Black Poet Ventures, a production company ou t of Colorado. Now that she is home, this mother of six is looking forward to blessing the stage over and over again. As an author and poet, this fearless artist is going non-stop. 

2019 has already been exciting with The Vagina Monologues directed by Melisa Otero at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford in February. This was followed by an appearance at Hot Chocolate Soul's sold out opening night at The Bushnell Theater. We had a spectacular opening weekend for Dreamgirls, a MaPeach Production, directed by Darlene Brandon, that took place at The Artists Collective in Hartford, CT. It was SUCH an amazing presentation that we are set for an encore performance August 17th & 18th!!! #CatchThisMagic

Mother's Day weekend was followed by a fantastic Inaugural Hartford Book Festival at the Hartford Public Library on May 18th! This was presented by an organization I am a founding member of called Hartford's Literary Integraded Trailblazers! We worked for a year and some change on this event and it was worth all the sweat equity! I have posted a couple of pictures. There are more on the Hartford's L.I.T. Facebook page as well as the Hartford Public Library page as they were our partner. 

I enjoy collaborating and working with others. #ProjectResiliency lead by Founder and CEO Althea Webber Bates, created a campaign for #StrongWomen. She hosted a wonderful event that allowed me to pen a piece about strong women and share on May 31st. 

Now I need to get my energy right so that I can host this open mic tonight, Tuesday June 4th at Sully's Prospect Cafe in East Hartford, CT! No time to slow down now.  We get it poppin' every tuesday night!!! We gone blaze this mic all summer long! We must seize each and every opportunity made available to us. The time is now my folk!  Stay tuned, there is more dopeness ahead!

Or you can simply wait until afterwards and hear about here! (but you should come out though! )

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